Financial Education

Unique resources to help your participants tackle their own financial issues

The Aon Hewitt Personal Finance Center (PFC) provides financial education and guidance covering many types of personal financial issues to help participants alleviate their concerns.

The PFC provides a robust participant education program through online, over the-phone and on-site educational channels that meets the diverse preferences and learning styles of participant populations. The goal is to provide answers to participants' financial questions as fast as possible so they can focus solely on work.

The financial education programs are centered on key financial topics, such as retirement planning, asset allocation, and college expenses.

Online Education

The PFC contains multi-media online education from McGraw Hill Financial Communications, a leading provider of financial education information. Articles written by McGraw Hill's award-winning editorial staff discuss financial problems and solutions in easy-to-read terms. Charts and tutorials provide flash presentations that take participants through financial topics in a methodical step-by-step manner.

Calculators allow participants to explore what-if scenarios to personalize the education and solutions to their unique situations. In addition, "Small Good Choices" are short two-minute videos that provide quick solutions to a variety of financial issues.

Personal Finance Specialists Available

Sometimes participants have a complicated financial issue or question and simply want to talk to a trusted and knowledgeable financial expert on a confidential basis. The PFC is staffed with licensed personal finance specialists trained to answer questions on personal financial issues and financial products. All calls are confidential and free to your participants.