On-Site Education

The Personal Finance Center's financial education programs are available as seminar workshops delivered at the place of employment or through online Webinars. Workshops are led by financial professionals who have been trained to lead in-person training and education sessions. Each workshop is designed to take about 60 minutes so it can be delivered during break-times throughout the day and each workshop leader can deliver up to three workshops per day.

Each workshop is designed to educate participants on a particular financial topic and most include a worksheet and handouts to help the workshop attendees work toward individual solutions to the issues discussed in the topic.

Workshop topics available are:

Each employer receives a customized version of the online PFC which has tools for participants to view and register for upcoming workshops. Employees will be able to view the upcoming workshops in the online Course and Event Calendar, including the topic, location, date, and whether there are any open seats left available. Since there is likely a limited capacity for each workshop, participants are encouraged to use the participant Sign-Up link to reserve a seat. An email reminder will be sent prior to the workshop as a reminder with any worksheets that may need to be filled out prior to the workshop.

After each workshop has been delivered, a previously recorded version of that workshop can be made available for viewing from the Previously Recorded Courses link.

One-on-One Sessions

If requested by an employer, workshop leaders are available for one-on-one sessions with individual attendees who want to discuss their personal financial issues privately. Workshop leaders will not provide financial advice but can answer questions and suggest potential options to complicated financial issues an participant may be facing.